Thursday, September 07, 2006

Charles Elloie

Today the TP had a story about my favorite lenient judge....Charles Elloie.

Harrison was booked with aggravated battery by shooting. Jail logs show he entered Orleans Parish Prison shortly before noon Aug. 30 and was released shortly before midnight the same day after a $30,000 bond was set and posted, said Renee Lapeyrolerie, a spokeswoman for Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman.
Sunday, exactly one week after the first shooting, the same 41-year-old man was shot near Chippewa and Soraparu streets.
After police issued an arrest warrant for Harrison on Labor Day in the second shooting, the suspect -- who was convicted of cocaine possession in 2001 and sentenced to five years -- turned himself in. Police this time booked Harrison with attempted second-degree murder.


"We're in the midst of a violent crime wave, and here he is once again releasing a violent offender back out onto the streets without getting input from the police or prosecutors," Goyeneche said. "It's a scenario we've seen replayed with Judge Elloie for the 10-plus years he's been on the bench."

If I can dig up any of the old stories I read about this judge before I started this blog it will get even better. Some of the stuff I remember was pretty outrageous.

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